A Curvy Girl's Guide to Spring's Trickiest Trends

Let's not beat around the bush, being curvy causes no end of fashion trouble. It’s a great asset in some instances, but I can imagine life (aka walking into Zara) would be breezy when you’re over 5’6” tall and have slim legs up to your eyeballs. Oh, the ease at which you could tackle those new super-long trousers, billowing dresses and teeny, tiny crop tops!

So, being both vertically challenged (just under 5’2”, and we have solutions for petite girls as well) and of the voluptuous variety (I ignore sizing tags, they only lie), as a fashion editor I’ve had to learn some pretty effective tricks for dressing my silhouette over the years. Some of them I acquire for the first time when a new season arrives—like, seriously, who knew that culottes would become my thighs’ best friend?—and some I can pull out year after year, knowing that they’ll slim when they need to slim and celebrate what they need to celebrate.

This spring, like any other before it, will of course present tricky trends for curvy girls—however, that doesn’t mean they cannot be done. I would never say “don’t even go there” to myself or anyone else, because it’s simply a matter of how you get there.

Keep reading to see my handy guide and shopping list for approaching the new trends when you've got curves…