A Curvy Girl's Guide to Autumn's Trickiest Trends

At 5'1" and with an old-fashioned in-and-out hourglass figure, buying into high-fashion trends can be a nightmare, even with the in-roads that come with being the editorial director of this fine website. Everything at Zara makes me want to cry. Skinny jeans? Pah! Sometimes I only even have to think about the idea of wearing something rad and I'll feel dumpy; there are so many looks that are cruel and unforgiving, especially once the weather turns and winter's layers start to pile on. 

So how to navigate the autumn/winter 2016 trends when you've got curves? Well, firstly, don't feel like you're destined to forever ignore the catwalk's top-line looks altogether: It's simply a case of being strategic about how you wear them and which exact items you should choose, and pinpointing the subtle styling tweaks that make all the difference. Fashion doesn't hate me, or you, or any of us, it's just daring us to step up to the bar—which is where I swoop in to (hopefully) help. 

I headed on over to MatchesFashion.com HQ—where of course all of the latest and greatest trends live—and let loose on the rails, trying on every one of the most challenging A/W 16 trends in order to bring you a definitive what's what. Keep reading to see how I got on and to steal the new-season curve-friendly updates for yourself…