Forget High-Maintenance Fringes—This Easy Style Will Be Everywhere Next Year

Fringe lovers, listen up. There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a turbulent year for the trusty fringe. From at-home cuts to lash-skimming growth, our fringes have been through it over the past 12 months. However, that's not to say it's time to give up on them just yet. As with most areas of our lives right now, our fringe styles just might have to adapt slightly going forward. Whereas blunt, full fringes were all we could talk about at the start of the year, it might be time to adopt an easier, lower-maintenance approach for 2021.

What if we told you there’s a new fringe on the block that allows you to reap the face-framing benefits of a classic fringe without the upkeep? Taking inspiration from the iconic Bardot fringe, the curtain fringe is set to be big news next year. Cut with shape so that it curves and frames the face, the curtain fringe is easily parted to create a chic, easy look, even as it grows out. And the best bit is it can be tweaked for every hair type and style. Whether you want to embrace long, tousled grow-out or voluminous, bouncy bangs, keep scrolling for 20 curtain fringe styles (plus the best styling products for the job) that will provide all of the 2021 hair inspo you need.

Curtain fringe: @juliesfi



Keep lengths long and healthy by keeping shaping and layering exclusive to the fringe. We can't get enough of this ’70s style.

If you prefer a more tousled style, opt for a thick fringe that wings ever so slightly out in the middle. 

Curtain fringe: @sabotaj



Curling a curtain fringe away from the face like this gives a super-bouncy, blown-out finish. 

If you prefer to wear your hair up, take style notes from this plaited 'do, keeping the fringe out and sleek. 

Curtain fringe: @andreasteen



Not sold on a fringe just yet? Ease your way into it by winging out short, face-framing layers first.

Curtain fringe: @kehlani



We couldn't be more obsessed with Kehlani's curly curtain fringe if we tried. Keep curls soft and defined with a curl cream.

Curtain fringe: @babba



A blunt curtain fringe is the perfect way to take weight out of thicker styles, keeping things soft and low-maintenance at the same time.

Opt for a feathered, parted fringe to give your style a no-fuss, carefree edge. 

Take style notes from Brigitte Bardot and opt for a thick, super-glam style. Use a hot brush or hair straighteners to create the perfect winged finish.

Curtain fringe: @joansmalls



Okay, Joan Smalls wins. This feathered, voluminous fringe is basically all of our 2021 hair dreams wrapped up in one. 

Keep things simple and ask your stylist for fine bangs on either side that perfectly frame your face.

Jennifer Lopez's balayaged curtain fringe is all of the evidence we need to give it a go ourselves. 

For a shagged, retro vibe, embrace short, choppy layers. 

Curtain fringe: @ad_oguntodu



Style your curtain bangs into loose, face-framing waves for Hollywood glam results.

If your hair is naturally fine and straight, this laid-back look proves a curtain fringe could be just what you need to add some shape.

Worried about having to style your hair every morning? Fear not, for the curtain fringe looks just as great thrown up into a clip as it does blow-dried.

If you're a die-hard full-fringe kind of gal, take notes from Jameela Jamil and part it ever so slightly in the middle if it starts getting too long. 

Curtain fringe: @emmamackey



Emma Mackey showcases the perfect way to style a blunt, glossy curtain fringe. 

Curtain fringe: @frassyaudrey



Chuck lengths up into a messy bun and leave your fringe down for the ultimate zero-effort but chic look.

Curtain fringe: @saasha_burns



Don't go thinking that a curtain fringe will limit your styling possibilities. This half-up, half-down style proves it's one of the most versatile hair trends out there.

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