Practical Magic

Move over vampires and werewolves, 'tis the season of the witch! With HBO's hit series True Blood introducing Wiccans into the mix for its fourth season, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two raking in the biggest box office opening in history, and the new CW series Secret Circle-a drama centered around a high school coven of witches-debuting this fall, it's clear witches are making a prominent return to the spotlight. With this supernatural phenomenon in mind, we started thinking about some of our favourite stylish witches from over the years, including the ladies from the The Witches of Eastwick, Samantha Stephens from Bewitched, and of course, Gillian from Practical Magic! Speaking of the latter, we couldn't help but notice that a handful of pieces on the F/W 11 runways-like Emilio Pucci's ornate corsets and Vena Cava's body-skimming silk dresses-were reminiscent of Gillian's effortless, bohemian-meets-'90s-grunge wardrobe, hence the reason we brewed up this month's delightful Currently Channeling story!

For those of you who aren't familiar with this magical tale, we'll get you up to speed with a brief synopsis. Set in 1998, the story follows the Owens women, a family of witches who suffer from a 300-year-old curse: if they find true love, the man suffers a tragic death. After the curse kills both the father and mother of Gillian (Nicole Kidman) and Sally (Sandra Bullock), the young girls move in with their aunts, Frances (Stockard Channing) and Jet (Dianne West), who teach them witchcraft. When they get older, Gillian runs away to avoid the small-town life, while Sally continues to live with her aunts. A few years later, Gillian finds herself in an abusive relationship with a man named Jimmy Angelov (Goran Visnjic) and asks Sally to come help her. Jimmy threatens the life of both sisters, forcing them to put a sleeping spell in his tequila, which accidentally kills him. After burying him in the garden outside their aunt's house, Jimmy's spirit begins to haunt the sisters, eventually possessing Gillian's body. Sally then forms a coven with her aunts and a few women from the town in order to release the spirit and in during the ceremony, she cuts her and Gillian's hands and clasps them together to mix their blood. For whatever reason, this act not only helps the exorcism to work, it also lifts the family curse and leaves the Owens women to live happily ever after.

While it's safe to say that each Owens woman has her own intriguing sartorial story, we've decided to focus our attention on Nicole Kidman's wildly fun and uber-stylish character: Gillian. And after sleuthing the market for the most inspirational items-including velvet footwear, a silky kimono, and the coolest jeans on the planet-we can confidently say we've captured the spirit of Gillian's '90s bohemian flair perfectly. Go ahead and read on for all the details, because we can promise today's Currently Channeling story is quite magical indeed!

Gato Sunglasses ($40) in Black/Gold
If you're still on the hunt for that statement pair of sunglasses or simply looking to add to your summer collection, we'd like to direct you to our latest obsession: Gato Sunglasses. As fans of the cat-eye shape, we absolutely adore the surprisingly modern look of these vintage shades that are carried at American Apparel, especially the thick black-and-gold matte frames and blue lenses, which remind us of the sunglasses Gillian wore to the pool party. With an affordable price tag to boot, our advice is: snag a pair pronto!

One Teaspoon Deception Kimono ($366)
While you might expect storybook witches to wear long black capes, we believe our leading lady would go for something with a more whimsical, bohemian feel. This silk kimono jacket by Australian label One Teaspoon fits the bill perfectly, thanks to its amazing moss colour, airy fit, and intriguing rhinestone embellishments. For an easy-breezy mid-season ensemble, style this lightweight piece with a basic tank and pair of slim jeans.

The Reformation Silk Tank ($135, 323.203.1101) in Ivory Ghost
As an ode to Gillian's love for lacey accents, we decided to include this white tank by Reformation. We're quite smitten with the lightweight top's thin spaghetti straps, peek-a-boo sheer lace detailing, and worn-in frayed hemline, all of which contribute to its cool, '90s allure. We also approve of its midriff-revealing cut, which would look smart when balanced with a high-waisted maxi skirt.

Iosselliani Silver Skull Studs with Red Stones ($129)
When we first spotted Iosseliani's Silver Skull Studs with Red Stones, we couldn't help but think about the film's evil spirit and the darker side of magic. And we'll be honest: these tough-luxe earrings were just too amazing to pass up. The combination of the tiny silver skulls and polished red agate seamlessly interweaves a Goth-like spirit with an air of elegance, resulting in an edgy-yet-unexpectedly-romantic look. And did we mention they are an excellent way to add a subtle pop of colour to almost any evening look? All in all, these studs are a winner in our book!

Cut n' Paste Donna Bucket Bag ($198) in Tan
Considering today's look is hippie chic at its finest, a structured bag just won't do. Instead, we've got our eye on this slouchy bucket bag from Cut n' Paste. We love its small slouchy shape, soft tan leather, and fringe drawstring closure, which give the bag its boho appeal. Plus, the thick long metal chain strap makes it a perfect option for all your on-the-go moments. No wonder we're smitten kittens...

Jenni Kayne Open Toe Sandals ($450, 310.860.0123) in Fuchsia
As is the case with all of Jenni Kayne's flawless designs, we took one look at the Open Toe Sandals and were immediately sold! The combination of the luxe velvet and gorgeous fuchsia hue make these sandals a wonderful complement to fall's statement pieces, plus, the sleek open-toe silhouette and thin ankle strap keep them feeling elegant and feminine. We can definitely imagine Gillian wearing these with a mini dress to an after-hours soiree.

Alexander Wang Cropped Boyfriend-Fit Jeans ($345) in Indigo
Who could resist these cropped jeans by Alexander Wang? Certainly not your Who What Wear editors! Their loose fit and split knees speak perfectly to today's '90s look, plus the back of these jeans has an equally cool, retro vibe, thanks to the two different pockets and adjuster strap. And while they could easily work with a number of casual ensembles, we like the idea of dressing them up with a silky blouse and killer heels!

Sabon Boutique Perfume Femme ($42)
While you may not be able to brew up one of the Owens sisters' magical spells or potions, you can still bewitch those around you-safely, of course-with a deliciously sweet fragrance. Right now, we're head-over-heels for Sabon's entrancing Boutique Perfume Femme, which features a delightful blend of vanilla and Sandalwood mixed with a hint of floral notes and spiced cloves-now that's how you leave a lasting impression!

Pamela Love Crystal Spike Necklace ($525, 212.564.8260) in Rose Gold with Black Crystals
When it came down to selecting an awe-inspiring piece of jewellery worthy of today's story, we knew just who to turn to: Pamela Love, of course! And, as expected, the designer didn't disappoint with her latest collection of hauntingly beautiful baubles, especially the insanely cool Crystal Spike Necklace. Featuring a delicate rose gold chain and cone, and a black crystalline structure, this one-of-a-kind piece-yes, it's actually made to order-has a wonderful, earthy quality that will surely guarantee a noteworthy finish to your Practical Magic look.

Shakuhachi Macrame Fringe Full Knot Dress ($365)
Tracking down the perfect dress for today's story was imperative, and when we stumbled upon this treasured piece from Shakuhachi's F/W 11 collection, we knew our search was finally over. While the crochet detailing and floor-length fringe demand lots of attention, the fitted silhouette gives the dress a sultry feel, two details that nod to Gillian's adventurous spirit. This show-stopping frock is an excellent choice for a late summer evening fete and would look especially lust-worthy worn with a luxurious coat come fall.-Jessica Baker