MC Hammer

At, we're notorious for channeling surprising figures like the Muppets or Barbarella, but today's subject matter is perhaps the most unexpected of them all. Not to toot our own horn, but we think we've outdone ourselves! Would you ever have expected to discover that our latest muse is the one and only M.C. Hammer? Frankly, we were also surprised by this source of creative influence, but the parallel themes between the revolutionary rapper and the spring runways are simply undeniable. So now, ladies and gentlemen, it greatly pleases us to say something we never thought we'd utter as fashion editors: it's hammer time!

Hopefully, those three little words will transport you back in time, to the very early nineties and the height of Mr. Hammer's career, when many of us could be found at our local roller rink, grooving to guilty-pleasure jams, like "U Can't Touch This." Can't you immediately recall the flamboyant metallic fabrics, sharp shoulders, and, of course, Hammer pants that our hip-hop subject made such a widespread craze? Proving just how cyclical style can be, we found each one of those trends in key Spring 09 collections, including Emporio Armani, Balmain, and Chloe, respectively.

Although those designers are not so budget-friendly, the good news is there are many inexpensive routes to achieving Hammer's look. If you're on-board for the resurrection of his ostentatious style, try digging in the back (way back) of your closet where you may find some long-forgotten gems. Should that mission leave you empty-handed, we know you'll enjoy the round-up of affordable items-and, forgive us, one pricey selection-that we chose to convey Hammer's flair. Not only will you be in step with the fashion world, but you'll finally have an excuse to unleash your very best running man move. Now that's too legit.-Jessica Amento

1. Topshop Ringmaster Tails Jacket ($135)
The combo of strong shoulders and a cropped front makes this blazer the consummate outerwear selection for Hammer-inspired outfits. Though not quite as extravagant as some of his show blazers, we chose a more practical black shade so you can seamlessly incorporate it into your wardrobe. Plus, this piece also suits well with the current circus microtrend, hence the "ringmaster" name.

2. Juicy Couture Drama Necklaceicon ($198)
Nothing says "the nineties" quite like gold snake-chain necklaces, which, we might add, our muse was quick to display on his bare chest. In addition to their Hammer-relevancy, these gold chains are an awesome update to fall's mostly-silver chain link options.

3. Sue Stemp Parachute Pants ($495, coming soon to
Glancing back at fall's many voluminous pant styles, we can officially say they were an obvious forecast of the current harem-pant craze. Try Sue Stemp's amazing fuchsia version with a chic blouse, or revisit last month's Tips for some inspiration from Margherita Missoni, who enviably works her pair!

4. Deena & Ozzy Cutout Leather Oxford ($108)
We are shamelessly fond of snazzy footwear around these parts, so we're conspicuously giddy over these lace-up oxfords. They are dressy enough to alternate with your heels at work and will make it easier to achieve Hammer's moves next time your hit the dance floor!

5. Forever 21 Goldie Vinyl Jacket ($38)
This shiny piece of outerwear will definitely earn you some envious glances from anyone with a closet in need of a nineties boost. Not to mention, the price is right for anyone who wants to inch their way into Hammer's style on a one-piece-at-a-time trial basis.

6. 80's Purple Deluxe Vintage Wayfarers ($10)
If you aren't quite ready to add a full-on M.C. Hammer ensemble to your closet, take a moderate step in that flashy direction with these sunglasses! Don't hesitate to swap out your tired pairs for them, because now is the time for fun and retro styles!

7. Banana Republic Studded Ring($12)
Since Hammer wore a handful of cocktail rings at all times, this chunky band is a fitting piece for today's Currently Channeling! Wear it with your other gold jewellery to infuse your outfit with some of his pizzazz!