15 Curly Hairstyles That Will Make You Want to Get a Fringe

A decision on whether or not to get a fringe cut in isn’t something to be taken lightly. Yes, fringes can be the perfect way to vamp up a tired style, but it is somewhat of a commitment, especially if you have dedicated time to growing your hair. Being fully on-board with the idea of getting a fringe before you sit down in the salon chair is, if you ask us, absolutely vital if you want to avoid any regret.

And this is never truer than it is for those with curly hair. You see, getting a fringe cut into curly strands requires a little more consideration than if hair is straight. Whereas fringes on straight hair are often cut with the hair wet, curly fringes tend to be chopped when the hair is dry in order to take the curl pattern into account, meaning that styling your fringe comes with some limitations.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a whole bunch of ways you can make them work. In fact, fringes on curly hair might just be some of our favourite styles ever. Looking for some fringe inspiration? Whether your curls are short or long, keep scrolling for 15 ways you can style a fringe with curly hair.

1. Tightly Curled Full Fringe

Curly hair with fringe: Yara Shahidi



Yara Shahidi’s bob champions her natural curly texture and makes way for a seriously chic fringe. Slightly shaped around the brow, it hangs beautifully. To keep curls conditioned and bouncy, be sure to use a curl cream before styling.

2. Blown-Out Waves

Curly hair with fringe: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley



OK, we know Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s hair isn’t typically curly, but this seventies-style cut really lends itself to a soft wave at the ends, which is super-easy to achieve with a heated styler. Use the plates to straighten out your fringe, curling under at the ends and then run through lengths, turning away from the face as you go.

3. Windswept Fringe

Curly Hair With Fringe: @babba



Proving that curly fringes don’t need heaps of styling, this wind-swept look is effortlessly styled out with a headband. To keep things knot-free and care for your curls while you’re at it, use an oil-infused detangler. Not only will doing this limit the risk of breakage, but it will also help to add shine and hydration.

4. Wispy Fringe

Curly Hair With Fringe: @nicoleocran



A fringe doesn’t necessarily have to be a bold statement. This curly style demonstrates how a fine fringe can add face-framing shape to your hairstyle. However, cuts like this can make strands slightly more fragile than a blunt cut would, so be sure to keep your curls protected at night with a silk bonnet or turban.

5. Tousled Pixie

Proving that curly fringes aren’t just for long hair, this tousled pixie cut is a seriously low-maintenance hairstyle. Just air-dry and run some texturising paste through wavy hair for chic, laid-back vibes.

6. Coiled and Parted

Curly Hair with Fringe: @claire_most



Keep coily hair full and shapely by incorporating a parted, light fringe like this style. Keeping coils nourished and full of hydration by regularly using an intensive moisture mask is imperative for definition and bouncy volume.

7. Grown-Out Shag

The shag has without a doubt been the hairstyle of 2021 and this intentionally ruffled look by Suki Waterhouse showcases its potential. As the fringe grows out, part it down the middle and boost waves and texture by using a long-hold wave spray.

8. Full and Tapered

Curly Hair with Fringe: @lefevrediary



A full and tapered fringe is the perfect way to shape a curly bob. Keeping your block fringe shorter in the middle and longer towards the edges, shaped around the brow bone, helps add face-flattering shape to your style. Keep the rest of your curls messy but defined with a super-lightweight mousse.

9. Lash-Brushing Fringe

Can’t find the time for regular fringe trims? Fear not—longer styles are in. A long, straight fringe with curled lengths gives off seriously cool, retro vibes. To keep loose curls looking fresh all day, tong them first with a medium-sized barrel and set with hairspray.

10. Feathered Waves

Curly Hair with Fringe: @aysha.sow



A wispy, feathered fringe has never looked better than when it has a high-shine finish, just like this one. Utilise bonding oils to add sheen and keep strands strong and healthy.

11. Shaggy Bob 

Teaming a bob with a fringe can seem as though you’re incorporating two of the most high-maintenance cuts out there, but this low-fuss style proves otherwise. Keep your bob blunt for optimum hair health and team it with a shaggy fringe for minimal styling effort. Just wash and use an air-dry foam to keep curls looking effortless and weightless.

12. Half-Up, Half-Down

Curly Hair with Fringe: Laura Harrier



We challenge you to find a Laura Harrier hairstyle that we don’t have in our Saved folder on Instagram. This half-up style helps keep hair out of your face but incorporates a softness with subtle, fringed strands hanging free. To help protect curls against breakage and damage, be sure to use low-tension, silk scrunchies.

13. Curtain Bangs

Curly Hair with Fringe: Felicity Jones



No, fringes don’t have to be blocky and full, even if they’re cut that way. Felicity Jones’s curtained style could be brush forward for a blocky look, but here it has been parted in the middle for a blown-out effect. When it comes to setting the style, reach for a medium-hold hairspray that will keep things in place while still allowing some movement.

14. Choppy and Full

Curly Hair with Fringe: Bryce Dallas Howard



Bryce Dallas Howard’s choppy fringe shows how you can take weight out of a full fringe for a more delicate style. To ensure you don’t mess with the texture of your curls or waves, use a fine-toothed comb to style your fringe.

15. Beachy Balayage

Curly Hair with Fringe: Halle Berry



Halle Berry is the queen of balayage, and her fringe blends into her tousled lengths effortlessly. Keep curls looking beachy with a spritz of salt spray after styling.