Why You'll Be Seeing a LOT More Crocs This Year

You might remember earlier this year when Vogue made a declaration that Uggs were going to make a comeback in the not-so-distant future. Well, it seems another ugly-but-cute shoe is slated to make a fashionable resurgence soon, too: the Croc.

Footwear News reports that the rubber shoe brand is in the midst of launching its first-ever global marketing campaign and that as a result, we'll all be seeing a lot more Crocs this year. Their main message: #FindYourFun, which focuses on the recreational history of the brand.

"Consumers around the world are going to be seeing a lot of us," Terence Reilly, VP of global marketing for Crocs, says in a release from the brand. "This campaign is designed to engage them in ways that celebrate our iconic clog and the unique, fun-loving nature of the Crocs brand."

Does this mean Crocs is making a big fashion move, and that we might even be seeing them on the feet of street style stars from New York to Paris? We don't think it will reach that level—but then again, we didn't think Birkenstocks would either

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