WTF: Here Are All the Crazy Jeans We Don't Understand

Let’s face it—shopping for a new pair of jeans can be daunting, which is why we’ve declared this week Denim Week on Who What Wear UK. For the last few days, we’ve equipped you with all the info you could possibly need so you’ll be excited to start your hunt for your next pair of jeans. But today we’re doing the opposite. Here’s everything you need to know about the weirdest jeans trends we’re not sure if we understand… yet.

"Feeling like a grandma" alert! Here's where we admit to not "getting" certain aspects of fashion. Today we're on the case of jeans—but no ordinary jeans. We've come a long way since the trusty wardrobe classic Levi's 501s entered our closet and the skinny jean became an every day staple. But at some point denim was bound to have a crazy moment. Right now we're in the midst of a strange time for denim, where alongside simple styles gaining popularity, we've also witnessed many an odd style on street stylers and in shops. It's not that we don't appreciate a spot of avant-garde design, and we're all for people wearing whatever they want, but is there something going on in the world of wild denim we don't know about? Keep scrolling… if you're daring enough.