Everyone's Favourite Teenage Trend Is Back and All Over Instagram Already

In 2018 we all had a bit of a love affair with the '90s, with throwback gems such as cami dresses, velvet and strappy heels making cameo appearances throughout the year. But, just when you thought the fashion industry had mined the depths of the decade, another piece pops up, and this time it's a real '90s hero: the cowl-neck.

Yes, we know what you're thinking, the last time cowl-necks graced our screens, Britney and Justin were an item and snake was the height of mobile phone technology. But it's time to give the '90s style another try, and luckily the 2019 iteration is a world away from its pre-internet ancestor. But first things first: What actually constitutes a cowl-neck? There's no exacting science, however, it can broadly be described as an item of clothing that hangs or folds at the neckline—this translates into a spectrum of styles, everything from slip dresses to chunky knitwear.

There's also no set formula when it comes to styling the trend. It's all about adapting the look to your personal style and making it feel modern. For example, Ellie from Slip into Style injects her personality into a sleeveless cowl-neck knit with a pair of leopard print trousers and graphic bag. AnneLaure Moreau, meanwhile, brings her signature vintage vibes to a cowl-neck jumper dress with knee-high boots and a tortoiseshell bag.

Feeling inspired yet? For a little more inspo, scroll down to see and shop our favourite cowl-neck outfits. Prepare for some serious nostalgia.