This is Officially My Favourite Way To Wear a Dress

I know it's not really fair to write-off a whole fashion category, but I've never really been much of a dress person. I have a fair selection in my wardrobe, so I'm not totally averse, however I know some people who live in them and love nothing more than the swishy feel of a flowing skirt. Yet, I have recently identified the importance of shoe pairings when it comes to wearing a dress, and there is one particular combination I've fallen for in 2020 that may just see me in dresses for the rest of the year (although let's not get ahead of ourselves).

I recently purchased the most beautiful pair of cowboy boots from Depop, in no small part inspired by a smock-dress-and-boot combo Harriet Stewart recently posted on her feed. I threw them on with a variety of dresses in my wardrobe and was enamored by the personality they brought to every outfit. Not only this, but they also offer an edge to dresses that can otherwise feel stereotypically 'pretty'. It's also one of those pairings that will work any time of year: Wear your boots with a cotton smock dress in summer then simply add tights and a layered roll-neck come autumn

So, if you're curious about mixing up your dress collection with a little western appeal, scroll down to see my favourite cowboy boots-and-dress pairings from Instagram's most stylish.

White Smock Dress + Black Cowboy Boots

Blue Shift Dress + Colour-Pop Cowboy Boots

Floral Mini Dress + Knee-High Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots and dresses



Multicoloured Maxi Dress + Colour-Block Cowboy Boots

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