Lessons in Chic: 35 Couture Fashion Week Street Style Looks

Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris is the time where the finest frippery comes out to play on the streets. It's one big, gorgeous excuse for the FROW to really play dress-up—a few days where ballgowns are commonplace on the avenues and rues and the latest in-store drops are already established and put into action (pre-fall has just landed, so expect plenty of that). 

To celebrate these glamorous moments, we're rounding up the best of the street style images and analysing each outfit's credentials for your benefit—from the way you can rethink a sequin skirt (thanks, Mirolsava Duma!) to the new handbags everyone's after (blame Miu Miu). You don't have to own couture to up the fashion ante. Go through the gallery to get some super-chic style tips from the Couture Fashion Week set.