5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Couture Week

As we’ve discussed, the Fall 2014 iteration of Couture Week is underway in Paris as we speak. The world’s top fashion houses—everyone from Dior to Versace to Giambattista Valli—are showing the best of what they have to offer. This often means sending creations down the runway that, on the surface, might seem to be a totally out-of-this-world fantasy. After all, what good is a one-of-a-kind silk-organza gown embellished with 350,000 Swarovski crystals to girls who need real clothes to wear from day to day?

We’ve got five really good reasons you should absolutely care about (and pay attention to) Couture Week. 

Scroll down to learn why you should keep the annual fashion extravaganza on your radar!