Cottagecore Is Back, and It's Cropping Up in the Most Stylish Homes

For the longest time, minimal aesthetics have dominated the world of interiors—think marble kitchen worktops, polished concrete floors, streamline sofas, and a host of grey accessories. However, as we discovered our love of wholesome pastimes, including bread baking, knitting, painting, and gardening over the past year, a new interiors trend began to emerge: cottagecore.

Cottagecore draws inspiration from the countryside and its quintessential charm; flowers, ruffles, and gingham checks should come to mind. Last summer, if you curated a cute picnic scene or decorated your dining table with wildflowers foraged on your daily walk, you were indulging in cottagecore, perhaps without even knowing it. It even cropped up in the beauty scene, too, as sales of pink blush, freckle pencils, and lash-lengthening mascara soared. But now, many are choosing to decorate their homes in homage to cottagecore, shifting the focus from austere Scandi looks to more nostalgic pieces that ooze charm. Why? Well, let's ask the experts.

"Given the instability that we are living through at the moment, there seems to be a real desire to be surrounded by intensely familiar things in the search for more stability," explain Sophie Elliott and Cloe Bueso, co-founders of lifestyle and dining brand The Sette. "Themes of domestic life, celebrating the everyday and making ordinary things, which we are so familiar with we almost stop seeing them, feel extraordinary definitely makes one feel more grounded and at home. This is, essentially, what cottagecore is all about."

You need only scroll through Instagram to see how the cottagecore interiors trend is starting to influence, well, influencers. Scroll below to see how some of our favourite tastemakers are introducing cottagecore into their homes, then shop beautiful pieces that'll help you make your space feel cottage-like, cosy, and incredibly stylish.


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