This Basic COS Top Will Make Any Outfit Look Expensive

Working in fashion is like playing a constant game of Goldilocks. You're always looking for just the right piece. Of course, your idea of a perfect item depends on your own personal tastes, but sometimes there are pieces that are universal in their appeal. One such item is the vest top. This staple became part of my wardrobes in my teen years and never left. But like many before me, I've struggled to discover the ideal fit and shape. Last year, I spotted Brittany Bathgate wearing a pretty perfect version of a white vest top by Theory. However, it was slightly out of my price range. 

Brittany Bathgate wearing a white vest top.

Then, COS's new collection came along this season, and it has more than delivered. The H&M-owned brand has been around for quite some time on the British high street, but its latest collection has got all the Who What Wear editors talking. Its £12 vest top has become exceptionally popular among our readers, and it's easy to see why. The fitted vest, which comes in three colours (soon to be five), has a neckline that's not too high and arms that curve just slightly around the armpit without the possibility of exposing your bra. It will work with jeans and fancy trousers or skirts. It can be dressed down or up, but ultimately, it will make any outfit look expensive. Keep scrolling for the ultimate vest top.

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