These 10 COS Bags Could Totally Pass as Designer

Earlier this year, there was a handbag that kept popping up on my Instagram feed, toted by some of the most stylish women I follow. It was a cream, bouclé clutch bag and if I'm being honest, I initially wrote off the item, under the assumption it was a unachievably-priced designer confection. However, upon closer inspection, I realised that the item was in fact from high-street retailer COS. Don't you just love it when that happens? 

The clutch bag in question.
Best Cos Accessories: Boucle Clutch Bag



The tragic ending to this fashion-focused love story is that unfortunately, the bag is now sold out (but it will likely live rent-free in my mind forever, alongside all the other fabulous items I adored but never purchased). However, I have learned from this heartbreaking experience and as a result, am now keeping a keen eye on COS's accessory section. And let me tell you, that fluffy bouclé clutch is not the only bag from the brand that could pass as designer. 

From '90s-esque mini shoulder bags to padded totes and crossbody iterations, the handbag selection at COS right now looks much more expensive than any of its items' price tags would suggest. Often created in leather, each bag contains the minimalist aesthetic we have come to expect from COS but still feels fresh, modern and most importantly, wearable. I've put the brand's orange shoulder bag on my summer wish list, alongside a leather crossbody bag that feels as if it could be created by The Row. 

Keep scrolling to shop the expensive-looking bags available at COS. 

Best Cos Accessories: Boucle Clutch Bag



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