These 4 Street Style Trends Instantly Dominated Copenhagen Fashion Week

Nothing gets your creative energy flowing quite like a trip to Copenhagen. The Scandi city is rife with talented designers, well-dressed fashion lovers, and plenty of inspiring scenery. The fall/winter 2022 shows during Copenhagen Fashion Week definitely didn't disappoint, with local and international industry insiders descending upon Denmark wearing the coolest looks to date. Fringed leather? Check. Parachute pants? Check. 

The street style scene was a feast for the eyes and filled with lots of clever new styling ideas. There were four trends in particular that I spotted again and again during my trip to Copenhagen. Firstly, silhouettes have got much looser, with baggy jeans and boxy cargo pants reigining supreme. The weather in Copenhagen is particularly frosty at this time of year, and so it's no surprise that show goers leaned into leather for an extra layer of warmth. When it comes to accessories, it was all about the baseball cap, which looked surprisingly elegant when paired with sharp tailoring and longline coats. 

Keep scrolling to see the 4 trends we kept seeing in Copenhagen. 

1. Baggy Jeans

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2. Cargo Pants

Copenhagen Fashion Week new outfits


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3. Baseball Hats

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4. Leather Looks

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