3 Cool Ways to Wear a Chanel Jacket and Jeans

Like the Hermès scarf, Burberry trench, or Cartier Love bracelet, the Chanel tweed jacket is a classic item that never goes out of style. Designed by Coco herself in 1954, the stylish It item can be found in every Chanel collection to date, remixed with trims and finishes as diverse as Karl Lagerfeld’s influences. Themes for this jacket have skewed from nautical to equestrian, from the airport to the grocery aisle.

To see how all the cool girls are adapting the Chanel tweed this spring, we found some of our favorite bloggers in the look. We’re happy to report that the most popular way to wear it is also the easiest—just add denim. Contrasting luxury with ready-to-wear is a basic styling technique that anyone can use to their advantage, so follow along to see how our fave style bloggers put the blue-jean spin on fashion’s favorite tweed layer.

Check out the full looks as well as similar pieces to grab for yourself below.



Song of Style



Shot by Gio



Sincerely Jules

Are you a fan of the jacket? If so, be sure to shop a Chanel tweed jacket for yourself, and let us know what you find in the comments below.