The 6 Pillars of Cool Spring Style

The question that has been preoccupying our mind recently is, When can we justifiably bring out our spring wardrobe? Sorry, but we just can't help but get excited when stores just stocking floaty dresses, linen separates and buttery soft, tan leather sandals. They speak of longer evenings and sun-drenched days, and we are so ready for it.

The recent stormy weather might be stopping us from enjoying the full potential of these new-in gems, but in the meantime, we're making a mental checklist of all the looks we're going to execute the moment spring hits.

As always, there are certain trends that have cropped up on our radar over the last month or so that have been added to this list: A mix of prints have caught my eye, plus must-try pairings and new-season basis. Of course, we have our lovely Instagram influencers to thank for this much-needed inspiration, so make like Alexis Foreman and Nnenna Echem this season and grab some double denim and do you best print-clashing, because it's time to get excited about all spring/summer 2019 has to offer. Scroll down to see more.

Double Denim

Style Notes: The '90s classic is back this year and has never looked better. The likes of Alexis Foreman and Who What Wear's Kat Collings have embraced the trend with pared-back, oversized silhouettes. The key is to avoid too much distressed detailing or prints.

Cool spring outfits: Kat Collings in double denim



Skirt Suits

Cool spring outfits: Nnenna Echem in skirt suit



Style Notes: Blair Waldorf has become our key style muse for the new season, and the skirt suit is an Upper East Side classic. Whether you go classic with tweed or amp up the personality with a pussy-bow blouse á la Nnenna Echem, this is sure to be a spring essential.

Cool spring outfits: Enis in skirt suit




Cool spring outfits: Emili Sindlev in clashing print



Style Notes: In apparent rebellion from last year's obsession with beige, influencers have lost it over mad prints and clashing colours. Juxtapose checks with Fair Isle prints, wallpaper prints and polka dots. Whatever you do, make sure you go big or go home.

Platform Shoes

Cool spring outfits: Megan Ellaby in platform shoes



Style Notes: From lace-ups and sandals, to boots and brogues, spring shoes are getting a boost this season thanks to platform soles. The great thing about trend is that you can make it work for your wardrobe, whether it's a pair of tan platform boots a la Hanna Stefansson or laid-back sneakers like Megan Ellaby.

Neutral Blazers

Style Notes: Increasing in popularity last year, the humble blazer has well and truly become a staple in every woman's wardrobe. Forget sombre suits—the modern blazer has become a weekend essential, with neutral styles being paired with an array of casual denim.


Cool spring outfits: Minnie in gingham dress



Style Notes: If you're not much of a floral lover, then you're going to be all over this season's gingham trend. We seriously rate Minnie's mash-up of gingham dress thrown over a roll-neck and paired with chunky boots.

Cool spring outfits: Joy in gingham dress


Joy Montgomery