The Booming Instagram Brands We All Shopped in 2018

Since the birth of Instagram, fashion has never quite been the same. The app is only eight years old, but we're already struggling to remember the days when glossy magazines had the last word in trends and brick-and-mortar stores were the only way to see the latest collections. In 2018, fashion comes fast and inspiration is instantaneous. Yes, there are many who accuse Instagram of killing originality and glorifying mass consumption, and while we can't ignore its pitfalls, we also can't deny the overwhelmingly positive impact it's had on up-and-coming brands.

First and foremost, Instagram has dramatically changed the luxury landscape: "By 2025, millennials and Gen-Z consumers are expected to account for 45% of luxury market sales (Bain & Co.), so we can expect assortment mixes and pricing strategies to continue to shift," explains an analyst from Edited, a fashion data platform. "Exclusive price points have always been the hallmark of luxury, but now it’s also about scarcity, social capital and meme-like relevancy."