These 7 Accessories Will Make Any Outfit Look 100% Cooler

If you think people are born cool, think again. I've spent a long time analysing the wardrobes of those considered to be style trailblazers, and one thing I've learnt is that they largely contain the same things. Oversized blazers, straight-leg jeans, tea dresses, and trench coats all feature heavily. However, the thing that really makes someone stand out from the crowd, sartorially speaking, is accessories. 

Accessories present you with the opportunity to add personality to your basics and, as such, help make your outfits look cooler. And although I'm a high-street girl at heart, I see the value in investing in premium accessories that were built to last. They may require some up-front spend but, in the long-run, you'll be glad of having more durable pieces at your disposal. Because, trust me—you'll be wearing them a lot.

From logo belts and printed silk scarves to the shoes that have been the height of sophistication for the last 70-some years, keep scrolling to see and shop the cool fashion accessories that'll last you a lifetime.

Now that you're down with the coolest accessories, why not consider getting the haircut every fashion girl currently has?