No One Saw This Controversial Trend Coming

This season has been all about fabric trends, with velvet, corduroy, chenille, and fur pieces making their way into our closets. Something that all of those trends have in common is their comfort factor. They're all varying degrees of cozy, but cozy nonetheless. The latest fabric trend to emerge is on the opposite end of the spectrum on the comfort meter, but it makes up for it in cool factor when strategically mixed into an outfit. 

We've noticed street style looks this season have been sprinkled with fashion girls wearing vinyl and patent leather pieces. And we're not just talking shoes. Vinyl trench coats, miniskirts, and pants have found their way onto the fashion scene as well. The high-shine pieces add a modern, futuristic touch to any outfit, but we'd be remiss to not mention the fact that there are negative connotations when it comes to patent and vinyl. Wearing these fabrics been a faux pas in the past, one that's more readily associated with Halloween costumes than being chic, but when worn with casual pieces like denim and graphic tees, it takes on a soft yet still edgy quality.

Confirming our observations, The Telegraph just reported that searches on Lyst for patent pieces are up 32% from last month and searches for vinyl are up by 25%. They also noted that the patent trench coat from Alexa Chung's collection for British retailer Marks & Spencer has already sold out twice since its recent release (the patent miniskirt is also close to selling out.) Want to see the trend in action?

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