Why It’s Time to Downsize Your Handbag


A Love Is Blind

One of our favourite go-to labels for everyday luxe, Topshop, has just announced an unlikely collaboration with Barclays that will see the worlds of fashion and tech collide. Known as Topshop x bPay, the accessory collection is specifically designed to hold the small bPay contactless chip, enabling customers to shop with ease, and style. From natty wristbands to keychains and smartphone cases, this is an effervescent range (it's majoring on the pop art vibe) for life in the fast lane.

The fashion elite’s continuous moves towards micro and mini handbags make more and more sense. Once upon a time we needed to tote around a giant purse, brimming with paper receipts and multiple cards, but the expanding digital world has enabled more room for lipstick and the like. In early August, the contactless payment roof was lifted from £20 to £30, and it’s seen a surge in users rather than the fear factory of fraud that Which? called out.

"We've seen unprecedented growth in this area, with the number of Visa contactless transactions more than trebling in the past year in the UK," said Kevin Jenkins, MD of Visa Europe to the BBC. While it’s clearly the end of an era, does this mean we should say farewell to our classic leather purses and slick wallets?

“It makes sense for big purses to be phased out,” explains Lucie Greene, worldwide director of the Innovation Group trends think tank at J. Walter Thompson. “All the things we would usually put in them are disappearing. Cash in particular is starting to be viewed as something quite old-fashioned, unhygienic, expensive to manage and unnecessary by tech companies. Many retailers now email digital receipts. Already, we’re seeing payments move a stage further, using our physical ID to connect to our accounts. Apple uses a fingerprint. PayPal has been experimenting with facial recognition. We’ve also seen vein scans being used,” reports The Telegraph.

Granted our Christmas wish list is rather long already, we’ve still got a few places left. Question is, will we be asking for a purse or a micro bag?

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