I Tested the Most Stylish Shoes for a New York City Commute

Prior to moving to New York City, I had never heard of the term “commuter shoes.” I had been living in Los Angeles, where getting from point A to point B merely entailed a car ride, and the idea of footwear doubling as a mode of transportation was foreign to me. Once I began to investigate, I found that shoes that were dubbed “commuters” were actually quite ugly (think foldable plastic ballet flats, orthopaedic-esque slip-ons, etc.). I knew there had to be better options, so I began to search around.

Skipping ahead, my findings proved it’s possible to find stylish and comfortable commuter shoes that aren’t necessarily orthopaedic flats or even a pair of simple sneakers. And because I have wide feet and danced for 17 years of my life, you can trust that I definitely do not sacrifice comfort for aesthetic! Scroll down to find out the four stylish shoes that are actually comfortable to commute in, and tell me yours in the comments below.