The Biggest Style Mistakes We Make Without Realising It

Even the best of us are prone to a style mistake or two now and then. Yes, even fashion girls are guilty of say, wearing a too-small shoe size (sample sales!) or pairing the wrong bra with an outfit. Sometimes it just takes someone else pointing it out for us to see the light. That's why we decided to figure out some of the most common mistakes women make—as well coming up with the best ideas for fixing them.

Read on to see which styling mistakes made the list and shop the items that will help you avoid making them ever again.

If you find that an item doesn’t fit you quite right, taking the extra time to get it tailored is totally worth it. Just a small tweak can elevate a piece and make you look more put together. Pants especially are an easy fix, so keep those hemlines from dragging on the ground.

While it might seem like one of the easiest ways to spice up an outfit is by piling on accessories, this actually could overwhelm your entire look. Don’t let your style get lost behind an overflow of fighting elements.

Instead, invest in a pair of everyday earrings like these:

It's easy to ignore the fact that summer has arrived in the UK, however, it still might look a little silly to wear a furry coat in mid-June. 

Instead, go for a summer dress like this:

The normcore look can be majorly stylish when done right, but looking too undone can come across as sloppy. It’s all about making decisions on how to balance proportions with those oversize pieces so that you come across looking polished.

Instead, choose a plain button-down like this:

Don’t feel like you have to buy every trend piece you come across. As awesome as those furry slides look on Rihanna, if they don’t fit your personal style, they might end up sitting in your closet and giving you some heavy buyer’s remorse.

Instead, rely on a classic piece like this:

Underwear as outerwear is definitely having a moment, but choosing the wrong bra to pair with a sheer shirt—it can end up looking accidental and ruin the silhouette of a top or dress. 

Instead, make the look intentional with a pretty lace bra like this:

How many fast-fashion T-shirts does one girl really need? It’s super frustrating when your tees inevitably wear out. It would be better on your wallet (and the environment!) to invest in a slightly higher-quality one. 

Instead, find a quality white T-shirt like this:

What styling mistakes do you notice the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening Image: Style du Monde

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