Wearing This Little Symbol on Your T-Shirt Proves You're a Fashion Insider

Commes des Garçons Play is one of those lines that you might not have realised even exists—or exists in such a grand capacity. But boy, does it have a following. The collection, which is the more affordable range from designer Rei Kawakubo's Comme des Garçons main line, was first launched in 2002, featuring a cartoonish heart symbol with eyes. This icon was designed by artist Filip Pagowski, and, even 15 years later, it's often spotted on plenty of street style stars and celebrities. You just might not have noticed it—it's nowhere near as flashy as Chanel's double Cs or Gucci's double Gs.

The beauty about Commes des Garçons Play and the secret to its lasting popularity is that it's not tied to a season. The pieces are easy to wear all year round, thanks to the simple tees, Bretons, and hoodies that make up the majority of the collection. Not only that, it's unisex and for children too—so everyone can get involved. Thanks to its cult status, the brand has also teamed up with other labels such as Converse and Supreme, creating collector's items, as well as the usual go-tos. The heart logo was even immortalised on a can of Coca-Cola.

As this year's Met Gala celebrates the famously reclusive Kawakubo, we've looked at how to style the tees and tops, as well as where to buy them. Keep scrolling for the chicest CdG Play looks, plus the pieces you'll want to purchase right now.

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