I Go to Disneyland Religiously—Here Are the 6 Shoes That Never Give Me Blisters

Growing up in SoCal, I was lucky enough to have Disneyland act as my playground. Since moving to the East Coast a decade ago, I haven't let time or distance keep us apart. For someone who has to commute there via plane, I still find myself going to the Disney Resort parks a lot. Accordingly, I've had plenty of time to figure out what merch is worth buying, which rides are worth the wait, and which shoes won't result in bleeding and blistering feet by the time you're sitting down to enjoy the fireworks.

When it comes to ideal footwear for getting around Disneyland, most of the advice out there parrots the line, "Comfort above all else." The parks themselves aren't so big, but don't be surprised if you find yourself having walked more than eight miles by the time you reach the exit turnstiles. Comfort is definitely important, but it can come in more styles than just a pair of padded running shoes.

According to Instagram, Disneyland has been one of the app's most geo-tagged locations over the last five years. It even nabbed the number one spot in 2014 and 2017. Gone are the days when simple cut-off shorts and workout tees ruled Main Street. People now, more than ever, are doing it for the 'gram and expending more effort into what they're wearing to the theme parks. 

It's still best to avoid overly trendy shoes (think toe loops, fussy straps, and stilettos as a whole), but feel free to keep the workout sneaks at home in favor of a pair that'll look as good with a churro as they do with your dress. I can promise you'll be blister-free with my six tried-and-true footwear picks ahead. 

1. A Trusty Pair of Vans

Sk8-hi, Authentic, Slip-on, UltraCush—I’m a Vans devotee and I’ve worn just about every one of its sneaker styles to the parks; they haven't failed me yet. This classic sneaker brand offers every color, material, and style variation imaginable to complete any look.

2. Low- to Mid-Heeled Wedges

One of summer 2019s biggest trends is subverting the idea that you shouldn't wear heels to Disneyland. I've worn my Loeffler Randall wedges to the parks no less than three times and I'm happy to report that my feet have been 100% blister-free by the time I collapse in the tram back to the parking lot. 

3. Chunky Heeled Booties

Living in New York, I've quickly learned that chunky heeled boots are my commute's best friend. They're stylish yet practical, the thick heel acting as a comfortable support. While Disneyland is thankfully bereft of never-ending subway stairs, my thick-heeled boots hold up just as well trekking through never-ending ride queues.

4. Platform Sandals

We're loath to admit it, but '90s dads at Disney with their strappy sandals (socks included) were onto something. Comfortable sporty sandals and padded flatforms are on the rise, which is good news for us since they make for perfect park shoes. 

5. Slip-On Flats

You're well past the "You Must Be This Tall to Ride" requirement, so why go the route of adding extra height? Keep things simple in a chic flat. And unless you have magical feet that rarely sweat or swell, steer clear of ballet flats in favor of a flat mule. The slip-on style will offer your feet some needed ventilation when exposed to the California sun.