6 Cool Lazy-Girl Outfits That Are All About Comfort

If you ask me, lockdown dressing can be encapsulated by two words: elastic waistbands. I can barely remember the last time I fastened a button or a zip, and to be honest, I am not complaining. Rather, the months in lockdown have allowed me to find myriad ways to create outfits which look put-together yet are also extremely comfortable. And of course, I'm more than willing to share what I've learnt. 

Evidently, I am not the only person who has developed a love for all things comfort throughout lockdown, as John Lewis reported a 1303% increase in sales of loungewear and leggings in 2020. The retailer also revealed that priorities have certainly shifted for its customers, as high-heeled shoes and party handbags experienced 62% and 56% drops in sales, respectively. 

So what does a lazy girl like me wear when I'm wanting to maintain comfort yet still look somewhat stylish? I've compiled a list of my six favourite outfit formulas below. From stretchy dresses to knitted skirts, joggers to leggings, you won't find a restrictive item in sight, but I can guarantee all of these looks will still look polished for your daily work Zooms or family chats. Keep scrolling to see and shop six comfortable outfit ideas you'll never regret.

1. Camel Coat + Jumper + Joggers
Comfortable Outfits: Jumper + Joggers + Combat Boots



Style Notes: This is a lockdown go-to. The jumper-and-joggers look is a foolproof outfit formula many are wearing on repeat right now. Here, Janelle Lloyd adds some sophistication to the look with the addition of a structured coat and finishes the outfit with combat boots. 

2. Knit Skirt + Jumper + Shirt
Comfortable Outfits: Jumper + Knit Skirt



Style Notes: When it comes to lazy-girls outfits, knitted skirts are your best friend. From the elastic waistband to the comfy fabric, these wardrobe heroes look polished without any restrictions. Pair alongside a jumper, and keep layering until you're warm enough to withstand the elements. 

3. Coat + Roll-Neck + Knitted Culottes
Comfortable Outfits: Knit Co-Ord



Style Notes: What could be more simple than a matching co-ord? The full outfit is ready to go, with very little extra thought needed. Take notes from Charlotte Kuhrt and pair your fave co-ord with statement boots and earrings when you're looking for a little extra oomph. 

4. Leggings + Knitwear + Statement Accessories
Comfortable Outfits: Leggings + Jumper



Style Notes: This outfit is all about the accessories (hello, Fendi headband!). Take a leaf out of Ellie's book and opt for an outfit of wardrobe basics that will let your jewellery and accessories do the talking. 

5. Stretchy Dress
Comfortable Outfits: Knit Dress



Style Notes: Now this is my key to looking polished with absolutely zero effort. A long-sleeve midi dress in a stretch fabric or woven knit is the ultimate chic, simple look. No other items necessary. 

6. Half-Zip Knit + Knit Trousers + Hiking Boots
Comfortable Outfits: Half-Zip Knit + Knit Trousers + Combat Boots



Style Notes: Jeanette Madsen knows what she is doing when it comes to stylish lazy-girl outfits. (Her feed has been filled with tracksuit sets of late.) Here, she pairs a half-zip knit with similarly coloured trousers for a neutral-toned looked that defies the dark colours of winter. 

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