These Heels Are 44% More Comfortable Than Any Others—Here's Why

The quest for uncovering the most comfortable high heels in the world is one that I take very seriously and very personally. Finding quality shoes (flat or heeled) that go the distance is a surprisingly hard feat, but it's looking increasingly promising thanks to technology making its mark in the footwear world. I've already reviewed the ingenious German-engineered shoes that can be adapted from high to mid to flat heels in mere seconds, but there's further clever cordwainer action coming out of Europe right now…

Considering the scientifically validated promise of being 44% more comfortable than regular high heels, you can imagine my intrigue when this fact zipped into my inbox. How can any stilettos be 44% more comfortable? And who says so? Well, step up Roccamore, a Danish shoe brand established by Frederikke Antonie Schmidt that manages to craft good-looking, proper heels with orthopedist-developed insoles.

Tested by the Clinical Orthopedic Research Hospital in Denmark, these handmade-in-Italy heels reportedly ease the pressure on the ball of the foot by 26% (thanks to a high-tech compression pad) and by 44% on the arch (aided by a reinforced arch support). The shoe even trains you to walk in a more anatomically correct position. The combined concept was so persuasive that over 300 Kickstarter supporters helped the brand come to fruition.

Comfortable High Heels: Roccamore


Hannah Almassi

But what about IRL? Well, I had to give a pair a spin to judge for myself (see above photos). I opted for a ladylike pair of lace-up court shoes that tap into next season's lilac trend and look spring-ready enough for me to want to start wearing them now. And I can confirm: They are seriously comfortable. The adapted, cushioned arch and shoe-front do take a second or two to get used to—but that's momentary and something that is far outweighed by the extended time you can last in these. For me—thanks to my frustratingly wide feet—they are ever so slightly snug across my toes, but I know that the leather is soft enough to give without a major wearing-in session required.

Keep scrolling to shop my favourite pieces from Roccamore and discover the other brands that are starting to prove chic, comfortable high heels can be a reality.

This is the black python-effect version of my chosen heels. And a bonus comes in the fact they are delivered with black laces as well as gold.

Wouldn't it be nice to wear a pair of comfy black high-heeled ankle boots on repeat?

Marks & Spencer's Insolia technology has been on the high street for some time, and I can personally attest to the fact that it makes many a shoe style more comfortable.

Along with a selection of heels that aren't too high, M&S is acing it in the shoe department right now.

This newly launched brand has introduced patented technology to relieve the foot pain that many women with bunions suffer from.

They're also lined in leather, which makes a difference—and is pretty reasonable considering the price tags.

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Opening Image: Phill Taylor