7 "Outdated" Trends That Have Officially Made a Comeback

As any Who What Wear editor will tell you, fashion trends are cyclical. You need only look to the spring/summer 2023 runways to see the '70s influence that swept over the collections, or head on over to TikTok to see that the Y2K aesthetic is still going strong. Did I think low-rise jeans would make a comeback? No, but perhaps that was wishful thinking. If anything, their return proved that no "outdated" trend is off-limits; that any piece, no mater how divisive, has the power to skyrocket to the top of the style agenda overnight. 

Recently, my colleagues and I were discussing this very phenomenon and we all agreed on the fact that 2023 is shaping up to be the year of comeback fashion trends. But how many would we personally consider wearing nowadays? Between us, we settled on seven. 

Keep scrolling to see the comeback fashion trends we believe are only going to become more predominant this year. I then also whittled down some some pieces you can shop to get each look.

1. Leather Bombers

Style Notes: Formerly the outerwear of choice for Joey Tribbiani and cabbies, who knew the leather bomber jacket would find itself in such a high fashion standing this season. This is a look you can easily thrift (I always see them in charity shops), but there are plenty of fresh iterations to choose from too. Failing that, try looking in the back of your dad's wardrobe or uncle's attic. 

2. Wedge Heels

Comeback Fashion Trends: @ninasandbech wears a pair of wedge heels



Style Notes: I'm always surprised at just how much debate can be sparked by a pair of wedge heels; half of the Who What Wear team are very much for, the other half are vehemently against. Either way, their presence this season cannot be ignored. 

Comeback Fashion Trends: @raeannlangas wears a denim maxi skirt



Style Notes: If last year was the year of the wide-leg trouser, 2023 is setting up to be the year of maxi skirts. Since it cropped up in countless new collections, I'm starting to see them more and more on both Instagram and the streets, with denim and jersey styles becoming the textiles of choice. 

4. Silver Jewellery

Comeback Fashion Trends: @sasha.mei wears silver jewellery



Style Notes: After years of yellow gold tones reigning the jewellery scene, it's time to embrace all things silver once more. Chunky silver necklaces, earrings and bangles adorned models during countless spring/summer runways, and I'm already seeing the ripple effects hit the market. 

5. Skinny-Fit Trousers

Style Notes: Oversize has been the defining silhouette for the past several seasons, but we’re starting to see a shift, at least where trousers are concerned. On the runway, Meghan Markle, and Instagram, skinny-fit styles are returning in a major way for spring.

Comeback Fashion Trends: @emilisindlev carried a handbag with front pocket



Style Notes: Did I miss something or was the official fashion motto of the '90s "slap some pockets on it and it's a thing"? Seriously, between cargo trousers, cargo skirts, and cargo jackets, everything seemed to come with (surplus to requirement) pockets. Not that I mind—I'm just as into cargo trousers as the next '90s child, but perhaps one of the easiest ways to tick off the utility trend is with a bag adorned with zips and, you guessed it, pockets. 

7. Strapless Dresses

Comeback Fashion Trends: @monikh wears a strapless dress



Style Notes: There are two times I've worn a strapless dress; 1) for my leavers ball and 2) as a bridesmaid. Prior to 2023 I didn't think there was need nor want for one in my regular wardrobe. Now, though, thanks to the sleek, minimal styles that are coming through, I think I'm willing to make an exception.