9 Colourful Outfits I'm Going to Try This Spring

I'm so over snow. It's pretty and everything but once you get on to day seven of not being able to wear anything out the house except a head-to-toe duvet coat and all of the thermals, I get a little fatigued from it. I would much rather be wearing bright colours and fewer layers, to be quite honest, that make me think about the spring rather than grey overcast days that quite frankly make all of us feel pretty dismal.

Once again, Instagram has provided a wealth of outfit inspiration to get us started. At the brightest look-at-me end are rainbow-inspired dresses and clashing block-coloured suits. But if you're more about a subtle approach to adding colour, and need to ease out of those classic wintry vibes, then a hot pink cardigan here or a brightly-coloured shoe there, is the way forward. 

Trust me when I say, I have a feeling that this spring/summer is going to be all about bright colours. Not only does it line up with the trends that are coming up (joyful dresses? Yes please), it will no doubt boost our moods. So, basically it's a complete win. If you're not sure where to start, keep scrolling for all the colourful outfit inspiration you're going to need this spring, then find where to shop some of the bright pieces we love right now. 

colourful spring outfits: nnenna echem wearing a rainbow-inspired dress



Style Notes: There is clearly nothing quite as joyful as a rainbow-style dress. Bold, multicoloured looks is definitely a great way to start a spring wardrobe. 

Style Notes: When we're back wearing smarter clothing for the office, I plan on going for contrasting colour blocking. One bright hue on top; a different one on the bottom. 

colourful spring outfits: a yellow and blue dress as seen on chainkyr



Style Notes: Joyfully-coloured dresses, such as this blue and yellow one, are just the easiest way to add colour into your wardrobe. 

colourful spring outfits: emili sindlev wearing a green cardigan, green bottega veneta bag and yellow sneakers



Style Notes: Sometimes it takes a while to extract yourself from the wintry wardrobe stylings. So, to just add a splash of colour, try a green cardigan and yellow trainers. 

Style Notes: This is exactly the sort of outfit I want to wear when it starts getting warmer and we're nearly in the summer. Loose-fitting fabrics in bright colours. 

Style Notes: Too attached to your jeans? That's OK, us too. Add a fun pink cardigan on top and a yellow bag to give your denim that spring twist. 

colourful spring outfits: michelle amo wearing a striped jumper and yellow trousers



Style Notes: Stripes on a jumper and a pair of yellow trousers is a great option for those slightly chillier spring days. 

colourful spring outfits: fisayo longe of kai collective wearing a green jacket and a pair of leather trousers with a patterned top and blue shoes



Style Notes: Want to go for a truly statement-making look? Try a coat in a green or yellow and add a bright blue pair of shoes. 

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