27 Colourful Spring Outfits That Work in Real Life

Outfit ideas are like karaoke songs for me. The best ones come to mind when it's not the time or place for them, and when the moment is nigh, I revert to my default look—white jeans and a top (or, in karaoke terms, "Heart of Glass"). All winter long, I sit in my layered coats and dream of new outfits to try once the climate permits. Come spring, I've either forgotten them or don't have the nerve to take them for a spin.

I imagine my favourite street style stars are quite the opposite. They're like Kevin Bacon in Footloose: The more you tell them not to dance, they more they'll dance. They commit to brilliantly resisting the mundanity of prescribed cold-weather dressing with Saks Potts coats, polka-dot tights and hiking boots. And spring is just their time to cut loose. Now that the weather is warming up, I'm spending a lot of time scrolling and saving fresh looks to try. Spoiler: I've found so many good ones already.

My research has reminded me that the easiest way to pop a refresh into one's wardrobe is to add some colour. Green, yellow, and purple are the top colours I've seen this season (often in pastel shades), but below is an entire rainbow assortment of looks to try. Think of these pieces as a packet of Skittles, but make it fashion. Keep scrolling to the taste the rainbow and dream up new ways to wear colours this spring.