5 Feel-Good Colour Combinations That Will Lift Any Outfit

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make the biggest difference in our outfits. Wearing a top back to front, for example, can give it an entirely new spin. Similarly, throwing open your wardrobe doors and pairing pieces in different, sometimes clashing, colours can also open up new ensemble options. And that’s exactly what some of our influencer friends have been doing.

We keep seeing Instagram’s noteworthy dressers wearing various colour combinations, and below you’ll find our favourite five pairings. From a classic combination to airy pastels, keep scrolling to see the colour outfit ideas that’ll inspire you to get experimental with your wares.


Style Notes: Beige and camel tones help to neutralise the vivid pop of bright-pink shades. Although this feels pretty fresh to us, this is a colour pairing Jessie Bush has been confidently wearing for years. 

Style Notes: Easily the most timeless colour pairing to make our list, shades of rich brown and fresh cream in one look are proving very popular in fashion circles right now. Our favourite look, however, has to be this ensemble from Melissa—so gorgeous. 


Style Notes: Pastel tones always make a comeback for spring, but never before have they looked as cool as this. Alyssa boldly styles her sage dress with yellow arm candy to create an unexpectedly chic outfit. 


Style Notes: Purple is one of the year's top colour trends. Although usually divisive, the lilac, heathery hue we're seeing most is easier to wear, especially with blue tones. 

Style Notes: On paper, this combination really shouldn't work, but on Hanna, it looks impossibly chic. Proof that it pays to play dress-up with your existing wares to discover stylish new looks.