The 9 Coolest Cold-Weather Outfits to See You Through the Festive Period

When the weather really starts to bite, it’s easy to peer into your wardrobe and fall back on that one jumper that no other can match on the warmth front and pair it with your most trusted jeans and the coat that feels like it’s wrapping you in a hug every time you pull it on.



There’s nothing wrong with this approach—we’re pretty guilty of it too, which is why a bit of cold-weather inspiration is always welcome. How do the most stylish we rely upon (particularly those dwelling in unforgiving Scandinavian climes) combat plunging temperatures? Well, with lots of wool and a little imagination. And it’s not all zany knitwear and crazy coats. Some of our favourite bloggers remind us of the merits of a plain old turtleneck jumper and a considered but also go-with-everything coat to make dressing for winter a rewarding—in all senses of the word—pursuit. So next time you think it’s too cold to start experimenting in front of the mirror, remember these outfits to add a dose of originality to your winter look.

Scroll through the gallery below and prepare to get shopping for your new winter favourites.