How Influencers From Some of the Coldest Places on Earth Stay Stylish in Winter

It's nearly impossible to look stylish when you're contending with blizzards, endless rain and arctic winds. We might all think it gets pretty bleak in the UK; however, our winters are mild compared to the conditions in Norway, Canada and Denmark. Some of the most stylish women we know live in these snow-covered countries, so we had to ask how they stay warm without forgetting about fashion altogether.

The one thing all of these women told me is that underwear and base layers are the most important thing to get right, so always start your layering with Uniqlo Heattech as a foundation. But there are also some less obvious layering techniques I wouldn't have thought about, like using a thin coloured roll-neck to add extra detail to your look. Keep scrolling to see how influencers from some of the coldest places on earth stay stylish in winter.