This 6-Year-Old Has a Stronger Instagram Game Than You

Things that I bang on about, in no particular order: podcasts (Revisionist History—listen to it!), comfortable heels, all the new places that have opened up in around my Leyton postcode, and a 6-year-old Instagrammer who has more Gucci, more followers (164k) and more natural style than an entire front row put together.

I am talking, of course, about Japan-based Coco Princess. She's the kid who looks like she's walked out of a Vetements campaign and into Rihanna's inner circle. She's the pint-size hipster who has been documented by the likes of Vice and invited to Chanel events in Ginza. She wears geek glasses like she was born in them, and she has barely started primary school yet.

Before everyone jumped onto the IKEA bag trend, Coco was already toting the brand's signature plastic carryalls. Her layering skills are better than most, and no one can wear an insouciant scowl quite so convincingly. Oh, and there are some excellent selfies alongside such A-list names as Tyga and Caroline de Maigret. You're going to love her Instagram account—so scroll down to see some of my favourite #ootds from Coco Pink Princess, aka the coolest girl on social media.