All the Awesome Things You Could Buy Instead of a Single Coachella Ticket

While we agree that memories last a lifetime and material things well, don’t, it’s not exactly in the cards for everyone to get the chance to make memories in the desert. The location of the increasingly popular Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (as it’s officially called) isn’t all that convenient if you’re not a SoCal local, ticket prices are in the hundreds, and (even still!) they sell out almost immediately. So in case you’re in store for a Coachella-less April, we’re here to bring you the glass-half-full report. We’ve rounded up a stellar assortment of items that you could purchase instead of a $799 VIP ticket or a $375 General Admission ticket. Minds will be blown.

Scroll down to shop the goods! Trust us—it’s a lot more fun than planning your Coachella Porta-Potty strategy.

Leather iPhone Case:
Slouchy jeans:

Would you rather add to your spring wardrobe or attend Coachella? Comment below!