Looks Like No One Will Be Taking Selfies at Coachella This Year

Of all the narcissism-fuelled inventions inspired by our out-of-control obsession with our own image, the selfie stick is perhaps the most absurd. An attachment that clips onto your phone and makes it easier for you to snap a photo of yourself, the selfie stick has grown in popularity and become a mainstay at everything from concerts to birthday parties.

Well, no more, say the organisers of Coachella. The powers that be at the music festival posted a notice on their site today, simply stating, "No selfie sticks / Narcissistics." (Lollapalooza banned the contraptions as well.)

The irony here is that Coachella has become the festival to go to for bloggers, celebrities, and really anyone who wants to be seen—it's less about music and more about fashion by almost anyone's standards. And, of course, there's also the fact that people will still take selfies without the aid of a selfie stick.

What do you think of Coachella's selfie stick ban—is it really going to make a difference? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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