5 Items I Never Feel Confident In

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If I don't feel good, I'm pretty sure I don't look as good as I know I could. Whenever I wear that one skirt that's a little too tight, those shoes that make me walk funny or that dress I'm always fidgeting with, the last thing I exude is confidence. Surely, you too have those few key items in your wardrobe that make you feel weirdly off or uncomfortable, and today, I'm here to share mine.

I realise this list of items varies for everyone, but hopefully, you'll be able to relate to a few of the pieces I've learned to avoid in my wardrobe. In addition to all the negative talk, I'll let you in on some of the pieces that give me the most confidence.

Go on to find out which items I never feel confident in, plus the pieces I always want to wear.

Items "Everyone" Has

Don't get me wrong, I love following trends, but there is something that makes me feel like a fraud when I wear what everyone already owns. I end up questioning whether or not I even like the item, or if I was conditioned to like because "everyone" has it. I always feel much more confident when I follow a trend but take it a little off the beaten path via my own discretion. For example, I love my black Vans trainers (the ones you probably own, too), but do I feel confident when I wear them? Not necessarily. Instead, I wear my rose-gold metallic pair. They're still on trend, but they're unique to my personal style and always bring in some great compliments.

Anything Awkwardly Revealing

When I say "awkwardly revealing," I mean anything that inevitably ends up showing my bra or bra strap, is too sheer when it's not supposed to be or generally causes me to fidget. You might wonder why I would even wear these pieces in the first place, but for some reason, those are always the items that look the prettiest on the hanger. After learning the hard way, I have vowed to only wear items that fit as close to perfect as possible so my confidence level remains at an all-time high throughout the day.

Tarnished Basics

You probably have that one T-shirt you swear is the best thing since sliced bread—so do I. So what happens when that shirt gets a stain or hole? Up until recently, I would just keep wearing mine, as I desperately tried to convince myself that this was an okay decision, that no one would notice whatever was wrong with the shirt and so on. This only led to hours of unnecessary paranoia and a drastically dropped confidence level.

Basics typically aren't the most exciting pieces to buy, but they're the most valuable. A killer white T-shirt can be the holy grail of compliment receivers, but one that is stained, ripped or stretched out won't be. If you relate to that in any way, I recommend taking the time to reevaluate your basics to see which ones need some replacing. You'll be surprised by how confident you'll feel in that crisp new tee of yours.

Something I Directly Copied From a Friend

This one is different, and it makes me feel weirder than the category of "items everyone has." This has to do with blatantly purchasing something just because I saw my friend wear it. Now, this doesn't mean I don't love the item on my own terms, but it does mean that when I finally wear the piece, especially around the friend who owned it before me, I feel kind of insecure.

To preface, I am a huge overthinker, so this scenario is my personal nightmare. Will people think I don't have any personal taste? Will that friend be upset that I copied her? To avoid all of these (probably crazy on my end) feelings, I try to use my friends' recent shopping purchases as inspiration for my own. You never know what you'll be able to find if you follow your gut. Get inspired by the piece, but buy a version that's unique to you.

Dramatic Sunglasses

I am an anomaly when it comes to sunglasses—I feel overtly unattractive when I wear them. This is a personal issue that my co-workers and friends poke fun at me for, but it's an issue all the same. I still wear sunglasses when necessary, but they're always minimal. In other words, nothing overly dramatic. Since I already feel like a poser while wearing them, sunglasses that intentionally make people stop and stare make me want to hide under a rock. Classic shapes like cat eyes, round frames and aviators make me feel as good as I can in a pair of sunnies.

Scroll down to shop the items I feel the most confident in:

I love a flirty crop top with high-rise jeans. It flatters my waist and makes for the perfect summer outfit.

I couldn't live without vintage-inspired high-rise denim.

Any shoe that is comfortable yet kind of sassy is a win in my book.

Another pair of high-rise trousers to boost my mood.

This is about as crazy as I get with sunglasses.

Clearly, I have a thing for statement trousers.

Why settle for the ankle boots all your friends have when you could have a pair with a gold heel?

This reminds me of my childhood in the best way.

No one ever said blazers had to be boring.

Pixie Market always provides me with the original and affordable finds I'm looking for.

Also, I love feathers. They make me feel like I'm invincible.