How to Buy Clothes That Stand the Test of Time

What's the trick to buying clothes that stand the test of time? It is more personal than simply buying a black blazer and being done with it. The question is—did you wear a black blazer five years ago and do you wear one today? If you didn’t, don't, or won’t then this particular item isn’t for you. But classics are classics for a reason, and there's no doubt about that—many women would be lost without a basic Breton, a biker jacket or some skinny jeans—but our handy tactic for buying clothes that last is as follows…

Simply use these aforementioned tried and tested pillars as a jumping off point, but look for versions that offer something different. These kind of tweaked classics are becoming more common within the fashion design arena—whether it's a slightly exaggerated collar on a white shirt or a trench coat with a statement fastening.

Scroll down to see the kind of alt-classics we’re talking about…

What's integral to your personal style? Let us know in the comments box below.

Opening Image: Style du Monde

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