My Mum Is a Fashion Designer—Here Are the 3 Items I Always Steal From Her Closet

When I declared to my family at the ripe old age of 10 that I wanted to work in the fashion industry, absolutely no one was surprised. After all, an inherent love of fashion was somewhat embedded in my DNA. Growing up, fashion and design surrounded me almost all the time as my mum, a fashion designer by trade, had sewing machines set up in our home and would personally make many of my clothes.

Although those days are over, I'd say that my mum influences my style just as much today as she did back when she was sewing matching mini-me looks for my sister and me, as I often find myself raiding her closet for items to borrow (or, more accurately, steal).

Clothes I Steal From My Mum: Mum Style



Rarely seen without her bright red lipstick and equally vibrant red glasses, my mum has curated her signature look through years of practice, knowing exactly what works for her and what doesn't. She has a talent for finding the most interesting items in the most unusual places and can shop a sample sale like no other.

Mum's shopping skills are so good, in fact, that I could accurately describe the number of items in my closet that once belonged to her, spanning knitwear from the early '90s to footwear from just last season. There are three items in particular I always steal from my mum— keep scrolling for her shopping pearls of wisdom.

1. Classic Boots with a Sturdy Heel

My mum has many, many pairs of shoes, though I always find myself stealing her boots. (Yes, luckily, we are the same size.) Her key is knowing how to spot a well-constructed pair and opting for a classic shade with a sturdy heel.

2. Bold Accessories 

If you ask my mum, she'll tell you that accessories can make or break an outfit. Never seen without her bright red reading glasses on hand, my mum understands the power of a vibrant pop of colour. She has a closet full of statement accessories. I'll often borrow her crossbody bags, bold necklaces or colourful scarves. 

3. Expensive-looking Knitwear 

Mum is a connoisseur of great knitwear. In terms of advice, she'd probably say to look for a knit with something interesting to offer. Maybe it's an unexpected texture, a unique silhouette or an intricate detail. Either way, it will set your knit apart from the rest.

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