New App Combats Vanity Sizing With Cool Technology

1. New app Clothes Horse aims to give shoppers the priceless ability to never buy the wrong size again. [FastCo]

2. The best fashion jobs on the market right now. [Fashionista]

3. Kendall and Kylie Jenner did an appearance in Dallas, Texas, and some fans waited more than 18 hours to see them. [Racked]

4. Want Cara Delevingne-level brows? Here's one (kind of extreme) way to get them. [Byrdie]

5. It may not seem it, but there are some who believe that fashion advertising has entered into its most tame era ever. [WWD]

6. In love with the idea of decorating your home in all-white? Here's how to do it. [Domaine]

7. J.Crew is now selling #hashtag shorts. And we kind of #love them. [HuffPo]

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