6 Style Tips That Celebrate Your Hourglass Shape

Marilyn Monroe, Kim Kardashian West, Ashley Graham… What do these women have in common, besides the fame and style-star status? It’s well known—and well documented—that they have hourglass body shapes. But here’s a little fun fact: You don’t have to be born with a littler-in-the-middle figure to wear that silhouette.

When it comes to dressing for your body, we’re more of the camp that celebrates what nature gave you and uses fashion to experiment with silhouettes across the board. Thankfully, highlighting (or faking—your call) an hourglass figure can be achieved through a few key style tips.

Ahead, we highlighted six of the most doable hacks applicable to those who have curves in all the obvious hourglasses places… and, well, those who don’t.

A wrap dress, with its tie at the center, has an hourglass shape built right in. Any body of any size can put it on and instantly achieve the look. Pro tip: If your shape is naturally on the more linear side, opt for a dress with a thicker, sturdier fabric.

Since an hourglass shape is identified as one that’s smallest in the middle, add a little volume—for instance, with a ruffle—just below that point. It’ll create a bigger distinction between your waist and hips.



An hourglass shape is often associated with femininity, but wearing menswear-inspired pieces also helps define your figure. The key is in a high-rise pair of trousers, plus a blazer with a wider lapel, that’s tailored to curve in at the waistline.



A full skirt instantly helps add volume to the bottom half of a woman’s body. But it’s this minimally zippered, off-the-shoulder leather jacket styling that completes the hourglass, broadening the shoulders to match the width of the skirt.



High-waisted jeans and a cropped tee are a combination any woman can count on to highlight her hourglass frame. For a little extra cinch at the waist, add a belt or, in this case, a knotted flannel.



While you could tuck your button-down into your pants, knotting up the ends creates a slight V-shape by the midsection—highlighting a curve in your frame.

A wrap dress is the quickest way to highlight an hourglass shape.

High-waisted denim fastens closer to a woman’s natural waist, which is often the narrowest part of her frame.

Fringe is a trend that every body can enjoy.

A spaced-out scattering of flowers keeps this dress from turning too sweet.

The belt on this leather jacket adds a little more cinching at the waist.

Crisp and classic, and it can be worn with nearly everything in your closet.

Bonus: Vertical pinstripes help create an elongating effect down the body if desired.