#TuesdayShoesday: Spring Shoes You Can Wear Come Rain or Shine

Finding a pair of shoes that nod to spring but don't feel like an awful choice when an April shower comes pouring down is not easy. Over the years, we've developed a few rules that help us shop sensibly for fancy footwear during this tricky part of the season:

1. Do not opt for suede. At this early stage of the S/S 16 season, it can be too risky when inclement weather is all too possible. Save this sumptuous hide for the summer months; your wallet and toes will thank you.

2. Instead, try out high-shine finishes. Patents, mock-crocs and metallics are even more rain-proof than regular leather—and there are lots of options available this season.

3. Choose block heels over stilettos. It's just physics: Bigger surface area = less of a chance that you'll go slip-sliding.

4. Seek out an ankle-strap style. This extra bit of support will make you feel more secure when dashing around in the rain, but also give your feet a little extra coverage to balance out the spring-friendly cutaway sections.

5. Go closed-toe. Well, duh!

Got it? Good. We've done the searching for you, so scroll down to see our five favourite styles to shop now…

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