Skin Experts Say This Is the Best Way to Stop Mask-Induced Breakouts

If you’re breaking out right now, just know that you are not alone. In fact, virtually everyone I know is struggling to keep their skin in check. Despite the fact that cold weather and central heating–induced skin issues are naturally more prominent at this time of year (hello, dryness and irritation), this winter, our skin has even more to deal with—most notably, face masks and coverings.

The term maskne has hit the big time in recent months, with many of us experiencing severe breakouts around our mouths as a result of wearing face coverings. Despite brands marketing new products specifically for the issue, after months of trying to find something to get our maskne in check, it’s safe to say that the majority are still struggling—and I can relate. At the moment, it seems that all it takes is one 10-minute trip to the supermarket for my mouth area to break out in angry spots. That was until I picked up a bottle of Clinisoothe+'s Skin Purifier after I saw a number of my favourite skin experts recommending it on social media.

Trust me. I’ve tried basically every beauty product out there that promises to combat maskne, but none of them have managed to do what Clinisoothe+ does. While moisturisers, drying treatments, and cleansers help to treat existing breakouts, Clinisoothe+ is the only product I have tried that actually prevents them. And really, I’m annoyed I didn’t try it sooner. You see, skin experts have been recommending Clinisoothe+ (otherwise known as Clinisept) for breakouts and acne for as long as I can remember, but as someone who doesn’t suffer from regular acne, only now am I really seeing its magic.

First and foremost, Skin Purifier is a hypochlorous facial mist that offers antimicrobial protection (which essentially means it kills off all of the bad bacteria that breeds underneath our face masks). Unlike other mists, which offer little more than a hydrating refresh, this stuff is no-frills. Simply spritz it onto the skin before and after you put your mask on (and after cleansing morning and night to help tackle general breakouts) and go about your business without fear of breakout-inducing bacteria being trapped underneath.

So what’s the catch? Usually, solutions that work to banish bacteria in this way are incredibly harsh on the skin, upsetting its natural pH balance and leading to dryness and irritation. However, Clinisoothe+'s product is specially formulated with a skin-neutral pH and is great for sensitive skin, too. (I can vouch for that.) Sure, it doesn’t come with any of the self-care, mind-calming benefits of normal face mists, but trust me when I say this stuff works.

Shop More Products to Help Tackle Maskne

Mask-induced acne can leave skin feeling sore and irritated, so it’s important to opt for gentle, non-irritating cleansers like this one.

Keep skin hydrated and soothed with this lightweight moisturiser, but know that salicylic acid is working its magic to help reduce the risk of breakouts.

This hard-working cleanser uses clay to soak up sebum and minimise the risk of breakouts without being drying.

I have friends who have struggled with oily skin and painful breakouts for years who now swear by this mask. Simply apply it onto blemishes, leave it to dry, and remove. You can expect spots to be visibly reduced come morning.

There are few things worse than a big spot that refuses to budge. Applying this targeted treatment directly onto the spot itself, though, will help speed the process along thanks to powerful salicylic acid and tea tree oil.

Breaking out exclusively around the chin and mouth? Apply this powerful acid treatment to the entire area once a day to help dry out active spots.

Not only does this super-powerful vitamin C serum help defend against the signs of ageing, but it also contains salicylic acid, making it perfect for breakout-prone skin.

If your skin is feeling dry and angry because of the cold weather, this gentle cleanser helps to fight breakouts without causing your skin any distress.

Apply this solution to a cotton pad and swipe all over the face after cleansing in the evening. It will help to decongest and gradually work against breakouts and blackheads.


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