I Just Tried Clinique's New Foundation, and It Makes My Skin Look Incredible
I Just Tried Clinique's New Foundation, and It Makes My Skin Look Incredible

I Just Tried Clinique's New Foundation, and It Makes My Skin Look Incredible

Ever wondered whether a new beauty launch or trending product is truly worth the hype? If so, you’re in the right place. I Just Tried… is our beauty column where we test out everything from new formulations to cult classics to find out whether they’re really worth your money. Oh, and we’ll answer the most-searched-for questions so you don’t have even have to ask.

When it comes to choosing a foundation, there is so much to consider, from shade and finish to coverage and longevity. It has to be one of the trickiest beauty products to shop for online or in real life. But if there's one thing we're sure of, it's that a foundation that offers multitasking benefits is always going to make a welcome addition to our makeup bags, especially if it can do some good for our skin at the same time. Enter Clinique's latest foundation launch: the new Even Better Clinical™ Serum Foundation

A foundation with skincare benefits, buildable coverage and 24-hour wear, this is a new launch that we've been very excited about. Using serum technology, it's packed with skin-friendly ingredients like vitamin C, salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid to keep your complexion smooth and healthy, and it's available in 42 shades, which you can be easily matched to online in seconds.

Ahead, London-based fashion-and-beauty content creator Chloe Robertson puts the Clinique foundation through its paces and gives us her honest review on the brand's latest launch.

If you look through my makeup bag, you'll find that I tend to opt for matte or satin foundations as standard. Personally, I prefer to use other products on top of my base to add glow. That being said, I always want my complexion to look and feel natural, so I never want a foundation that feels thick or cakey—that is my ultimate makeup goal. As for my skin itself, my foundation needs to have ingredients that will give me a flawless finish but that will also be good for my skin. Clinique is known for its incredible skincare, so I knew I could trust it before I even tried the new Even Better Clinical™ Serum Foundation. A makeup product that helps to keep my skin healthy over time sounded like music to my ears—I couldn't wait to give it a try.

Before and After

Robertson before applying the Clinique Even Better Clinical™ Serum Foundation.

To prep my skin, I applied the Clinique Moisture Surge™ 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator—the perfect starting point for plump, dewy skin. My skin type is quite dehydrated, so I always look for products that have a focus on hydration. As soon as I started to apply the foundation and saw how easily the formula blended in, I knew it was going to be an instant staple in my beauty routine. The texture has a blendable, creamy consistency, and I found that applying it using a brush worked really well to sweep the product into my skin for a natural, satin finish. You could definitely use your fingers for a more targeted application or a wet beauty sponge for a sheerer finish. I was impressed with how little foundation I needed to cover my whole face. I only needed half a pump, so a bottle will last a really long time. It's definitely buildable, though. For evenings out, I would apply another half a pump for a more full-coverage finish.

Robertson applying the Clinique Even Better Clinical™ Serum Foundation.

Coverage-wise, the finish is natural, which I appreciate. It doesn’t really feel or look like makeup at all—just smooth, even, great-looking skin. I love that it can be built up to offer a full-coverage finish but in the most effortless of ways. It gives you total control over exactly how you want your base to be. As for longevity, it looked perfect all day, so I actually think that this would be a great foundation for wedding season, whether you're attending as a guest or getting married. It's a great option for days when you want your foundation to stick around all day without feeling cakey or cloying or like it needs touch-ups.

Before and after using Clinique Even Better Clinical™ Serum Foundation. 

I have to mention the skincare benefits too. This is a seriously hard-working foundation. The serum-infused formula meant that my skin felt comfortable, healthy and not at all weighed down despite the great coverage. Honestly, I couldn't tell I was wearing a full-coverage foundation at all.

Finding Your Shade

Robertson's shade of Clinique Even Better Clinical™ Serum Foundation is WN 46, Golden Neutral.

It's amazing to see that Clinique offers such a variety of shades in this foundation—42 in total. Visiting a Clinique counter in-store is always a great way to find your shade, but if you're shopping online and aren't sure which shade to go for, it has a brilliant virtual try-on tool too.

The Finishing Touches

As for the finishing touches? I'm a big fan of the entire Clinique Chubby Stick™ range and recommend them to everyone—they're easy, high-performing products that you could apply with your eyes closed. I'd use the Chubby Stick™ Sculpting Contour as a bronzer and a mix of the Cheek Colour and Sculpting Highlight to create a glowy cheek. I also enjoy using the cheek sticks to add a touch of colour to my lips at the same time—I love a multifunctional product. And of course, no makeup look would be complete without a slick of mascara, and Clinique's High Impact™ Mascara really delivers on all fronts—volume, length and definition.

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