These 5 Colours Are the Key to an Expensive-Looking Summer Wardrobe

Thanks to the bubble that was much of last year, trends haven't moved on in the same way we'd usually expect them to. While designers continued to show their new collections on the runway, there was less of a contrast between the seasons than you might expect. The colours initially forecasted two summers ago proved to be just as prevalent in 2021's colour palette, meaning that if you did invest in new hues last year, it's very likely that they're on-trend this year, too. 

Taking cues from the runway, new-in sections are filled with a mixture of calming sky blues and shades of shocking pink, just in time for the glorious spring weather we're having. Of course, as you'd expect with any summer runway, crisp white and sandy beige were also heavily prevalent, seen across voluminous dresses, linen shirts and tailored trousers. 

While less popular on the runway, lime green is also a major contender for shade of the season, as several members of the fashion set have been seen sporting the summery hue.

So whether you're looking to update your existing wardrobe or simply feel the need to be in the know, keep scrolling for five shades we plan on wearing right now and all through summer. 


An antidote to the muted tones we live in during the colder months, bright pink is here to kick-start a new lease of sartorial life. The more vivid, the better. 


Summer Colour Trends:  Beige



Noted as one of Pantone's colours of the season, sandy beige often gains popularity throughout the summer. The natural hue can signify nurture and comfort. 

Pale Blue

Summer Colour Trends: Pale Blue



This Maggie Marilyn top has been extremely popular among the fashion set over the past year, proving that sky blue is set to be popular yet again this season.


Summer Colour Trends: white



As always, crisp white will see you through the summer season in style. An all-white ensemble makes the ultimate summer look, while white trousers or shorts with a more vibrant top will look equally as contemporary. 

Lime Green

Summer Colour Trends: Lime Green



Lime green has become a surprising front runner for shade of the season. Many influencers have been seen sporting the trend, and contemporary brands like BY FAR have also heavily relied on the hue in their newest collections. 

This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated. 

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