8 Easy Spring Outfits That Work Every Single Time

Trends encourage us to think outside the box when it comes to our personal style—to try new things, be it colours, prints or silhouettes, to keep our fashion fresh. But sometimes, it really does pay to rely on the classics—the looks and pieces that stand the test of time. This is particularly true when you find yourself feeling less than inspired with your wares as we head into the new season.

Just this morning, I stood gazing into my wardrobe, head tilted to one side, wistfully contemplating what I should be wearing now that spring has sprung. In an attempt to get my sartorial juices flowing again, I subsequently sat myself down at my laptop and set myself the task of unearthing some chic, classic spring outfits that will make getting dressed an easier endeavour.

Looking for classic spring outfits to try this season? I can help with that. 

Fast-forward a few hours, and I’ve discovered eight classic spring outfits that are elevated yet highly efficient in that they take minimal effort to style. Even better still, I suspect you’ll already own the majority of pieces you’ll need to re-create them with, as none of the items featured feel too trend-specific. Of course, the shopping is there should you need it, but if you take anything from the below, I want it to be a revived excitement for the season ahead.

From pretty puff-sleeve dresses to white collared blouses, all the way to the shirt that’ll breathe new life into your trusty jeans, scroll on to see eight classic spring outfits that work every time.


Classic Spring Outfits: @kaytiemo wears a trench coat and jeans



Style Notes: When it comes to the British spring uniform, what could be more classic than a trench coat? Use yours to instantly elevate your jeans, and then try adding a baseball cap for 2022 styling flair. 

Shop the look:

This COS trench is perfection. 

This hat also comes in black if, like me, you’re worried about foundation stains. 

It doesn’t get more classic than blue straight-leg jeans. 


Classic Spring Outfits: @thandimaq wears a yellow puff sleeve dress and gold earrings



Style Notes: Dresses are integral to our springtime wares. We’ll continue to see puff-sleeve styles dominate for the next few months and well into the summer, which is handy if you’ve already invested heavily in them like Thandi and I have.

Shop the look:

The dress all of the editors on our team love. Plus, it comes in so many excellent colours. 

Is there no outfit a gold hoop can’t improve? 

Until temperatures heat up, you can pair these with grey socks. 


Classic Spring Outfits: @sasha.mei wears a mint striped shirt and white jeans



Style Notes: 2022 is shaping up to be the year of the shirt, as many fashion people have already bought and begun wearing various bright iterations. For a classic take, look for shirting with vertical stripes—I love how Sasha Mei has paired her mint-green shirt with white jeans for peak outfit freshness. 

Shop the look:

Claw clips will unlock lots of hairstyle options for spring. 


Classic Spring Outfits: @raeannlangas wears a printed mini dress with knee boots



Style Notes: Although my heart is ready to embrace mini hemlines, my head knows better. I always feel the chill, so instead of jumping right into wearing short dresses with shoes such as loafers, I phase myself in gradually, first losing the tights and then finally getting to a point where I’m wearing them with bare legs and knee boots. 

Shop the look:

I tell you this is the year I'll finally invest in this best-selling dress from Réalisation. 

Thirty deniers are the ideal transitional tights. 

Look for boots that are off-white, as they tend to look more expensive than bright white. 


Style Notes: I know, I know—it feels far too early to be talking about shorts, but hear me out. As soon as it's comfortable enough to go out with bare legs, nothing feels fresher or springier than a pair of denim Bermudas. That is unless you wear them with a jean jacket. 

Shop the look:

No need to size up—this jacket is already oversized. 


Classic Spring Outfits: @basma_k wears a bright red knit with a collared blouse



Style Notes: Spring still calls for layering, and one of my favourite combinations is taking a winter knit and styling it with a collared blouse—the collar lying over the top, of course. Basma Kahie makes hers feel all the more seasonally apropriate with a bright, joyful knit. 

Shop the look:

I have a thing for white blouses, and this one is next on my wish list. 

There’s always time for a gold earring. 


Classic Spring Outfits: @sylviemus_ wears a black slip skirt with a white vest



Style Notes: Slip skirts have year-round appeal, but my favourite time to wear them is during spring. Weather paired with a T-shirt and suede jacket or, indeed, a sweater wrapped around your shoulders and a racer vest top, in my opinion, it doesn’t get chicer than that. 

Shop the look:

H&M is always my first stop for affordable basics. 

This slip skirt is weightier than you might think, and that’s the reason it hangs so beautifully. 


Style Notes: And finally, if you’re ever in any doubt, rest assured that leather and florals will always be in style. The easiest way to wear this hard-working combination is by way of a leather biker jacket and floral midi dress, as Cat Patterson demonstrates. 

Shop the look:

I like my leather bikers to be as fuss-free as possible and sit on the hip as opposed to on the waist. 

You’ll come to rely on these on the days the weather looks changeable. So, all of April. 

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