I've Been a Stylist for 10 Years—These 4 Outfits Always Look Good

From some of Rihanna's and Kim Kardashian West's most iconic outfits to cementing London’s best dressed It-girl scene, super stylist and creative director Avigail Collins is known in fashion circles for being the go-to when you're a celebrity looking to craft an exciting new look. She's the mastermind behind ingenious ensembles for Lorde and is the force behind some of Daisy Lowe's sassiest getups, but Avigail's wardrobing skills extend even further: including her own streetwear-inspired line, Silver Spoon Attire. Founded in 2013, alongside her husband (and fellow sought-after stylist) Damian Collins, her high-profile music clients—and a global street style following—make up a pretty impressive fan club. If anyone can spot the next big thing, it's Avigail, which is why we're thrilled to have her on board at Who What Wear UK to tell us what's hot now.

"I've been a stylist now for over 10 years, and although I've seen countless trends come and go, there are a few trusty outfits that never really fade or look dated. There are definitely tweaks to bring them into the new, but essentially, no one ever looks bad in the below three formulas. So the next time you're stuck for inspiration, just fall back on one of these classic outfits…"

1. Jeans + White Tee

"When I was at university, my ever-stylish flatmate taught me that as long as you always have a good white T-shirt and perfect-fit jeans in your wardrobe or suitcase, you can't go wrong. It really is the greatest combo, and over the years, I've searched for the perfect T-shirt.

My original fave was by James Perse. At one point, I had four of the exact same tee. Now, my ultimate choice is from an L.A.-based brand called Pretties. Pretties originally launched its Baby Tee in the mid-'90s, and everyone who was anyone had one. From Naomi to Cindy to an iconic editorial with Drew Barrymore, these tees were extremely popular.

Depending on what you're doing on any given day, a T-shirt-and-jeans pairing can either be the main part of your outfit. You can easily dress it up with heels and layers of thin gold chains. Right now, I'd suggest a '90s-style leather jacket for that off-duty Bella Hadid vibe. As you'll know, you can quickly dress it down with trainers or Chelsea boots and still look cool."

Tip: Try a men's white T-shirt for an oversized look, and then tuck it into high-waisted jeans with a belt.

The 4 Most Classic Outfits That Suit Everyone: @juliesfi wears jeans a white tee and boots



Style Notes: Julie gives this timeless pairing the Parisian touch with a velvet blazer and heeled ankle boots. Très chic.

The 4 Most Classic Outfits That Suit Everyone: @astyleedit wears a white tee and jeans



Style Notes: Adding a blazer and black boots won't take away from the classic feel of this combination, as demonstrated by Lauren.

Style Notes: Denim-on-denim? That's right, it's back—and you're going to want to jump on board.

Style Notes: Lean into the casual look by bringing your most-loved pair of sneakers into the mix.


If you're going to own just one white tee, you won't find better than this one.

I love this white-on-white styling.

Mango is great at creating on-trend yet infinitely wearable jeans.

Is it just me, or has Totême been nailing literally every category of clothing lately?

2. Dress + Leather Boots

"A dress and boots really work for any age. Whether you feel confident in a shorter-length dress with chunky Docs or a longer sophisticated midi with slick knee-high boots, you can't go wrong with this combo. Dresses and boots also work year-round. You'd be surprised how good a summer dress can look with tights, boots and a long-sleeved top underneath. So don’t be afraid to get your favourite cotton dress out whatever the weather—just think about how you can rework it for the occasion. To be honest, most pieces in your wardrobe will work for any season as long as you layer and accessorise them for the climate."

The 4 Most Classic Outfits That Suit Everyone: @emmanuellek_ wears a satin dress with knee-high boots



Style Notes: Thigh slits in cold weather? Make it all-weather-appropriate with tall boots like Emmanuelle.

The 4 Most Classic Outfits That Suit Everyone: @aimeesong wears a knitted dress and a blazer



Style Notes: A knitted dress and mock snakeskin boots will serve you well through the year, for all kinds of occasions.

Style Notes: A coat of the same length always looks elegant with a maxi dress.

The 4 Most Classic Outfits That Suit Everyone: @frannfyne wears a printed dress and knee-high boost



Style Notes: There are so many amazing vintage dresses out there just waiting to be scooped up. Although, it seems like Franny has already scored the best ones...


I was sold on this dress the second I saw that neckline.

These look modern and timeless at the same time.

Ankle boots never go out of style, and these are a particularly wearable iteration.

3. Trouser Suit

"No matter the occasion, there's a suit out there for you that works. Personally, I love high-waisted wide-leg trousers and an oversized boxy jacket, as the combo suits my curvy figure best. If you are tall and flatter-chested, then I would go for a full-on tailored suit or a skinny tux.

I love to mix my suits up, so I'll wear my jackets with jeans or trainers. I also use the jacket as a layer under a puffer or oversized wool coat. Trousers are a staple if I have an event to go to, as I will wear them with different shirts and blazer. No matter what is on trend, a decent suit will always cut the mustard.

Right now, I’m into the statement look of wearing suits in fun colours and going tonal with my accessories."

The 4 Most Classic Outfits That Suit Everyone: @smythsisters wears a suit with a waistcoat



Style Notes: During the warmer months, swap your blazer out for a waistcoat and add some strappy heels. So elegant.

The 4 Most Classic Outfits That Suit Everyone: @lefevrediary wears a COS suit



Style Notes: When a suit looks this sharp, you don't need to wear loads of accessories. Thanks for the reminder, Amy.

Style Notes: Suits are surprisingly easy to dress down—just add trainers and sunnies.

The 4 Most Classic Outfits That Suit Everyone: @greceghanem wears a suit with chunky boots



Style Notes: This has to be one of the best suit looks around. The colour and chunky boots give this formal attire an edgy feel.


Tonal suiting always makes me think of The Talented Mr Ripley. Take me to the Italian coastline ASAP.

Of course, you can also style these pieces separately if you're not feeling the suited look.

H&M's tailored trousers are spot-on every time.

4. Jumper + Slip Skirt

"The silk slip skirt has made a significant comeback over the past couple of years and is no longer reserved for evening plans. It turns out this slinky staple looks just as dreamy in the daylight hours.

All of my favourite looks featuring this skirt also include another item that's an important part of every wardrobe: the humble jumper. All you need to do is chuck on your cosiest knit and you have yourself a polished yet undeniably comfortable outfit.

I've found this pairing is particularly useful in the transitional months, when I want to go coat-less but I'm not quite ready to expose my arms to the elements. For footwear, the choice is yours. Sneakers, heels and boots all work wonderfully with this combo."

Style Notes: The juxtaposition between the laid-back knit and the dressy skirt is what makes this outfit work.

The 4 Most Classic Outfits That Suit Everyone: @erinoffduty wears a slip skirt and cream knit



Style Notes: When in doubt, pair all your favourite neutrals together. Noted, Erin.

Style Notes: Slim-fit turtlenecks look just as on-point with slip skirts, and knee-high boots are just the ticket to completing this chic ensemble.

The 4 Most Classic Outfits That Suit Everyone: @_jessicaskye wears a monochrome slip skirt and knit



Style NotesJessica is the master of monochrome style, reminding us time and time again that black-and-white is always a winner.


All our editors agree that this high street brand's knitwear is better than most.

This brown hue works well with neutrals and brights—think royal blue, crimson and orange.

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