No Matter the Year, These Will Always Be the Most Popular Autumn Colours

I'm not sure if this is a universal feeling, but for me, autumn will always be epitomized by the colourful shades of fallen leaves. From earthy natural tones of orange, brown and yellow, there's something about seeing those colours that immediately makes me think of the season.

The same applies to clothes. From a tailored beige coat to navy jeans or a cream button-down shirt, there are certain items of clothing and certain sartorial colour palettes that just exemplify autumn. Even Pantone, the authority on all things colour, tends to agree. 

As per its of important colours for autumn/winter 2020, the brand has listed shades of off white, caramel beige, deep blue and slate grey amongst its top classic colours. Add into that the ever-present shade of burnt orange that seems to be ubiquitous come autumn, and you have a palette of seasonal shades to wear year after year. 

One of the most appealing elements about this collection of colours is the fact that each can act as a neutral, meaning that while you may want to keep your outfit fairly subdued, you can also pair the shades alongside brighter more vibrant colours without a problem. Keep scrolling to see five classic autumn colours that we turn to year after year. 


Anything but boring, beige is the neutral to rule all neutrals. From a classic trench or a double-breasted coat, autumn is the season when this shade really shines. 

Classic Autumn Colours: Navy



A colour that seemingly manages to be both conservative and modern. Navy is the perfect shade to add to your wardrobe when you don't want to wear black but still need a darker-toned neutral. 


Classic Autumn Colours: cream



There are few things as classic as cream. In autumn, this shade can be added to your wardrobe to offer some bright relief. Think white button-downs, T-shirts or jackets balanced against shades of navy, black or brown. 


Another colour we see everywhere at this time of year. Slate grey is a classic neutral that will pair nicely alongside denim, black or other muted tones. 

Classic Autumn Colours: orange



Burnt orange might as well be the shade of autumn, from occurring in nature to being present across clothing and retail, this colour represents the season. From dresses to jumpers, it's a great investment if you're looking for a brighter pop of colour that still feels classic. 

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