9 Items to Buy for Your Bank Holiday City Break, Whatever the Destination

City breaks are often the hardest to pack for, as they usually involve trying to squeeze all your outfits into just one carry-on. So to save you from that struggle, we've created your essential city starter pack ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend. Mastering a city break is all about having a robust capsule wardrobe, and the below nine pieces will work whether you're going to Rome or Madrid, Budapest or Barcelona. The most important thing to get right is the footwear. Below are the pieces I always take with me for a weekend of exploring. Keep scrolling to shop our city-break starter pack.

1. Midi Dress

A printed midi can be dressed up or down, meaning you won't need to go home to change before dinner. 

2. Trainers

A pair of white sneaks is a city-break essential, as you can easily go way over 10,000 steps a day in these. 

3. Shorts

A pair of city longer shorts are really chic and won't make you feel like you're dressed for the beach. 

4. Basket Bag

An oversized basket bag is big enough for all the guidebooks you could possibly want. 

5. Blazer

A chic blazer is perfect for cool evenings and as a lightweight cover-up for daytime strolls. 

6. Shoulder Bag

A crossbody bag keeps all your valuables secure. 

7. Blouse

It's always a good idea to keep your shoulders covered to be safe from sunburn. 

8. Leather Sandals

Classic leather sandals are smart enough for evenings also. 

9. White Shirts

An oversized white shirt will double as a pool coverup too. 

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Opening Image: @wethepeoplestyle

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